How To Stop Bleeding From The Nose

A teaspoonful of cream of tartar in a tumbler of water, taken, will almost immediately stop the bleeding.

For Bruises Or Sprains

Bathe with hot water as soon as it can possibly be procured, and as hot as can be borne. Go on for an hour or more.

For Burns And Scalds

Common whiting mixed with water to the consistency of cream, spread on linen, laid over the part scalded or burnt, gives instantaneous relief. To be kept moist by occasional sprinkling.

Another excellent remedy is the following: Take equal quantities of lime water and raw linseed oil, mix well together, and rub over the scald or burn. Lime water is made by mixing three tablespoonfuls of lime with a quart of boiling water. Shake well, and let it stand for a day or two. Pour off when clear, and mix with linseed oil in equal quantities. Keep in readiness. No house ought ever to be without it.

For Chapped Hands

(A Country Remedy. Bessie's.) Take equal quantities of glycerine, castor oil, spirits of wine (tablespoonful of each), ditto goat lard (buck fat); a piece of beeswax the size of a walnut, half an ounce of camphor (dissolved in eau de cologne and spirits of wine), the juice of a lemon. Melt the beeswax and goat lard, stir with the castor oil, then the glycerine; then remove from the fire, stir in the camphor (dissolved in the spirits of wine), then the spoonful of eau de cologne, and lastly the juice of the lemon. Stir all well together till quite cold. Put into pomade pots. Will keep for years.

For Chilblains

Make a paste of powdered alum and milk; spread on the affected part.

For Corns And Bunions

Apply small strips of soap plaster.

For Croup

Scrape a teaspoonful of alum with twice the quantity of sugar. Administer as quickly as possible. Almost instantaneous relief will follow.

For Croup Or Cold

Mix the yolk of an egg with two teaspoonfuls of sweet oil, two of brown sugar, and one of vinegar. A tea-spoonful taken twice a day.

Hot flannels, dipped in vinegar, applied to the chest and back, give great relief in cases of croup.

For Croupy Cough - For Children


15 drops of Ipecacuanha Wine.

10 drops of Paregoric.

For a child of four or five.

Given at night.

For Croupy Cough, Or Hoarseness In Children

Take equal quantities of milk or flour of sulphur and glycerine. A small quantity put into a child's throat soothes it. Every two or three hours.

For Slight Cuts And Flesh Wounds. (H. D.)

The moment you cut your hand, etc., saturate some lint or old linen with spirits of wine, or turpentine. It smarts for a few minutes, but instantly stops the bleeding; and in a very short time the place will be healed up.

For Cape Distemper In Dogs


One dot of nux vomica once a week regularly before the dog shows symptoms of the disease. Young dogs generally get it early in the spring. When the disease shows - which will be perceived by the gums being white, and the eyes weak, and the dog has no appetite - give one dot or drop of the tincture of nux three times a day for three days. Then give arsenicum three times a day, one dot or drop; then pulsatilla, one dot three times a day. The dog to be kept very warm; fed on lukewarm water and brown bread. If he is very weak, give beef tea three times a day.