For Eczema - A Simple Cure

Take equal proportions of glycerine and castor oil, stir well till it becomes the consistency of thick honey, and apply to the affected part. Most excellent.

For Horses Seized With Violent Spasms Or Colic (From Dr. Hiddingh.)


40 drops of Oil of Peppermint. 50 ,, Laudanum.

pint Whisky.

pint of Hot Water.

Shake all these well together in a soda-water bottle and give to the horse. If necessary, repeat the dose after half an hour.

This remedy has never failed when given in time. Horses very often are seized with colic in South Africa when fed on green forage in the spring and when travelling.


(To kill insects on Orange or Rose trees.)

Take a quart of paraffine oil, four pounds of soft soap, and ten quarts of water. Pour some boiling water into an iron pot, stir some soft soap into the water, then mix with the paraffine. Apply with a brush.

For Lumbago


I tablespoonful of Flour of Sulphur.

I tablespoonful of Paraffine.

Mix well together into a salve, spread on a linen rag, and put over the affected part. Put a piece of brown paper over it, and some flannel; leave for half an hour or more. When taken off, powder the place if very red, put cotton wool over it, and keep warm. Very effectual.

For Mosquito Or Gnat Bites

Make a very strong solution of alum water, add one-fourth of aromatic vinegar, and one-fifth of glycerine. Shake well before using. It will instantly cure the bite.

For Rheumatism (A Good Liniment To Rub On)


1 Egg well beaten. pint of Vinegar.

1 oz. spirits of Wine.

1 oz. Spirits of Turpentine.

oz. Camphor.

These ingredients to be well mixed together and put into a bottle and shaken for ten minutes, after which to be well corked to exclude the air. In half an hour it will be ready for use.


To be well rubbed on the affected part three or four times a day, for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. First dissolve the camphor in the spirits of wine, then add the other ingredients.

For Rheumatism - Another Liniment

(From Pretoria.)

Equal quantities of carbonate of soda, spirits of turpentine, cocoanut oil. Put in a saucepan over the fire, stir till well mixed; strain, bottle. Rub in morning and evening.

For Neuralgia

Take a drachm of citrate of quinine and iron to a bottle of water. Take a tablespoonful in water three times a day.

For White Sore Throat

Take half an ounce of chloride of potash, dissolved in a quart bottle of water. One tablespoonful three times a day.

For a child of seven or eight, four grains of chloride of potash, in a little water, four times a day.

For Sore Throat - Another Remedy

Four drops of sulphuric acid in a wineglass of water three or four times a day.

I have heard that burning equal quantities of tar and turpentine (about two tablespoonfuls of each in a tin cup or pan) in the room of the patient suffering from diphtheria gives great relief.

Families living far from medical aid should always keep Swedish tar, turpentine, and sulphuric acid in their houses.

For Diphtheric Throat - Gargle

A few drops of a strong solution of permanganate of potash, in water, make an excellent gargle.

For Spasms, Or Any Internal Pains

Put a quarter of a pound of mixed cloves and allspice, some ginger, and cinnamon, on a quart bottle of the best brandy; let it stand in the sun, or by the fire, for a few days, till all the goodness is drawn out of the spices.

Dose for an adult, one teaspoonful; for a child, ten drops in wineglass of water; or dropped on hot flannel, and applied externally, it will be found very effectual also.

For Styes

Beat up the white of an egg with alum till it forms a paste. Put in a muslin bag, and apply.

For Toothache

Two drops of glycerine and one drop of pure carbolic, on cotton wool, put into the cavity of the affected tooth. Excellent.


Equal quantities of table salt (powdered) and alum, mixed dry on cotton wool. Put in the tooth on cotton wool.

Turpentine Plaster, Or "Verdwyn Plaister."


2 tablespoonfuls of Olive Oil.

2 tablespoonfuls Spirits of Turpentine.

2 tablespoonfuls Beeswax.

A piece of Resin the size of a walnut.

Melt the wax, stir in the olive oil, the resin, and lastly the turpentine. Stir till cold. Excellent for bruises, sprains, sore breasts. In cases of cancer it has given relief, being very soothing to pain.

For Whooping Cough

Sunflower seeds, browned as you would coffee, made as you do coffee. Sweeten the decoction, and let the child drink it freely, and especially at night.

For Whooping Cough - An Excellent Liniment


I tablespoonful of Rum.

1 a tablespoonful Spirits of Turpentine,

I tablespoonful of Honey.

Mix well together, rub on chest, back, and soles of feet three times a day,