1 lb. Icing Sugar.

Whites of 3 Eggs

Whisk the eggs to a stiff froth and gradually sift in the sugar. Beat the mixture well, until the sugar is smooth; then with a broad knife lay the icing equally over the cake, laying on one layer first, and allowing it to get firm in a cool oven before you put on the next layer, and so on. The icing may be coloured with a little cochineal or currant juice. Spinach juice gives a nice green colour. For a sponge cake the icing may be flavoured with orange or vanilla. Dry the icing in a cool oven before sending to table.

For ornamental icing put layer of white sugar icing first, then mix a little cochineal with some icing. Make a kind of cornucopia of paper, leaving a small hole at the bottom; fill with the red icing, and press it out at the hole, when it can be guided into patterns or raised in dots, etc. Or ornamental squeezers can be got at ironmongers' for this purpose. For a sponge cake flavoured with orange, it makes a nice change to put a layer of marmalade over the cake, and the icing, also flavoured with orange, over that

Almond Icing For Cakes


I lb. Almonds.

lb. finely pounded Loaf Sugar.

Whites of 2 Eggs.

Blanch the almonds and pound them in a mortar, adding a little cold water or white of egg during the pounding to keep the almonds from oiling. Whisk the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, mix with the almonds, beat well together to a smooth paste. Ice the cake with a broad knife, adding layer upon layer, allowing it to dry in between.