Madeira Cake


4 Eggs.

6 oz. Loaf Sugar.

6 oz. Flour.

4 oz. Butter.

1 Lemon.

teaspoon of Carbonate of Soda.

Whisk the eggs until they are as light as possible, then add by degrees the following ingredients: six ounces of dry pounded sugar, four ounces of butter, dissolved, but not heated, the grated rind of one lemon, six ounces of flour. Beat all well together; just before putting in the mould, add half a teaspoon of carbonate of soda and the juice of the lemon. Great care should be taken that the butter is perfectly mixed, and no appearance of it remains. Bake for an hour.

Nut Cake


10 Eggs.

lb. Hazel Nuts or Almonds.

lb. White Sugar.

tablespoonluls finest Bread-crumbs.

Teaspoonful of Baking Powder.

The yolks of the eggs must be mixed with the sugar. Stir for twenty minutes; add the nuts or almonds (ground), bread-crumbs or finely powdered biscuit, lastly the whites well whisked, and baking powder. Bake one hour.

Plum Cake


I lb. Flour.

I lb. Butter.

I lb. Brown Sugar.

2 lb. Currants.

I lb. Raisins.

lb. Candied Peel. 2 oz. Mixed Spices - Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice. 8 Eggs, I wineglass of Brandy.

20 drops Essence of Almonds.

Beat the butter to a cream; then add sugar and eggs, well beaten; then spice and candied fruit and brandy; adding flour last. Beat all together very well, and at the last add gradually one packet of baking powder. Put into buttered mould. Bake one hour and a half.

Prussian Cake


8 Eggs.

I lb. Flour.

I lb. White Sugar.

250 Sweet Almonds. 20 Bitter Almonds. Wineglass of Brandy.

Whisk the yolks and whites separately. Blanch and pound the almonds. Beat the yolks and sugar together; then the whites; add flour, and lastly, almonds. Bake one hour and a half. Very good cake.

Queen Cake


I Ib. Butter.

I tablespoonfull Orange-flower Water.

1 lb. White Sugar.

10 Eggs.

1 lb. of Flour.

lb. Almonds.

Beat butter to a cream; add orange-flower water; then the sugar (pounded), the eggs beaten very light, a pound and a half of finest flour. Beat all well together; add half a pound of blanched almonds. Butter tins; line with paper; put in the mixture an inch and a half deep. Bake in a quick oven one hour.

Silver Cake


2 cups of Flour. cup of Butter. 1 cup of Sugar. cup Milk.

Whites of 4 Eggs.

1 teaspoon Cream of Tartar.

1 teaspoon Soda.

20 drops Essence of Almonds.

Made the same as Golden Cake; can be made at the same time.

Soda Cake


1 lb. Flour. lb. Sugar, lb. Butter.

3 Eggs.

lb. Currants.

Teaspoon of Soda. Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar. Some Lemon Peel (grated), or

Cinnamon. I pint of Milk.

First rub sugar and butter well together. Mix the soda, etc., dry with the flour and currants; then rub that with butter and sugar; lastly, add the pint of milk. Put into the oven immediately, and bake an hour and a quarter; Very good and cheap.

Sponge Cake


10 Eggs.

The weight of 9 eggs in Sugar.

lb. of Flour.

The Rind of a Lemon (grated) and the Juice.

Whisk the whites and yolks separately. Crush the sugar; whisk it with the whites; then add the flour, and lastly, the yolks. Just before putting in the oven, add the juice of the lemon. Put into a well-buttered mould, dusted with fine biscuit. Bake in a moderate oven with a paper over it. This makes a very large cake, or two small ones.

Tipsy Cake


Six Sponge Biscuits.

2 wineglasses of Vanderhum.

20 Almonds (blanched), lb. of Apricot Jam.

I pint rich Custard.

Soak the sponge biscuits in the Vanderhum (see Liqueur, Vanderhum); garnish them all over with almonds cut in spikes; arrange them in a pyramid shape in a glass dish, with some marmalade, or any preserve you like, between. Pour over the whole a pint of good custard. (See CUSTARD.) A nice supper dish.