lb. of Sweet Almonds. 4 Bitter Almonds. 3 Eggs.

2 oz. Butter.

The Rind of half a Lemon.

A tablespoonful of Lemon Juice.

3 oz. sugar.

Blanch and pound the almonds smoothly In a mortar with a little rose-water. Stir the sugar and the yolks well, warm the butter slightly, mix with the sugar, eggs, and almonds, then the juice and lemon-peel. Stir well. Line some patty tins with puff paste. Bake twenty minutes in a quick oven. Enough for twelve Cheesecakes. Very good.

Almond Cheesecakes. An English Recipe


lb. Sweet Almonds. 6 Bitter Almonds. lb. Loaf Sugar.

I tablespoonful of Cream. Whites of 2 Eggs. Puff Paste.

Blanch and pound the sweet and bitter almonds with a tablespoonful of water, then add the sugar, the cream, and whites of eggs. Mix as quickly as possible. Put into very small patty pans lined with puff paste. Bake in a warm oven for twenty minutes. Very good.