Almond And Raisin Pudding


2 oz. Beef Suet pint Milk. lb. Bread-crumbs, lb. Raisins.

2 oz. Almonds.

3 Eggs.

2 tablespoonfuls Rum. 2 oz. Sugar.

A little Nutmeg.

Chop the suet very fine; mix with bread-crumbs, currants, nutmeg, and sugar. Butter a mould and line it with raisins, put in rows all round, and almonds blanched and laid between. Beat the eggs, add the milk and rum, and mix all together; put carefully in the mould, and boil three hours. Serve with wine sauce.

Apple Pudding


I lb. Apples. lb. Sugar.

3 Eggs.

1 Lemon, lb. Butter. Puff Paste.

Pare and core one pound of apples; put them in a stewing-pan, with sufficient water to stew them to a pulp without burning; add sugar, grated rind of lemon, and three well-beaten eggs. Mix all well together. Just before baking stir in the butter; line the dish with puff paste, and bake three-quarters of an hour. Very good.

Bachelor's Pudding. A Very Old Home Recipe


1 cupfuls of Bread-crumbs.

3 oz. of Flour.

4 Eggs.

lb. of Currants or Raisins. lb. of Suet.

lb. of Sugar. I teaspoonful of Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon. I teaspoonful of Soda. Any Candied Preserves cut up.

Mix all together and add about one pint of buttermilk; if not to be had, use sweet milk, in which case substitute baking powder for soda. Boil three or four hours. Serve with wine sauce.

Brown Pudding

Two eggs, their weight in flour and butter, the weight of one in sugar. Beat the butter to a cream with sugar; add eggs well beaten, stir in the flour, then two table-spoonfuls of jam or fruit jelly; before putting the pudding in a mould, stir in half a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda. Boil or steam for an hour and three-quarters; allow plenty of room for the pudding to rise in mould. Serve with wine or sweet sauce. Golden syrup may be substituted for jam.

Bonnie's Pudding


lb. Butter, stirred to a cream. lb. Sifted Sugar. lb. Flour.

3 Eggs. yolks and whites separately whisked. lb. Raisins, split and stoned.

Flavour with Vanilla or Lemon Essence.

Mix sugar and butter, then the yolks, lastly flour, and whites, and raisins. Boil two hours in a buttered mould Very good.

Beef Steak Pudding


I lb. Flour. lb. Suet. Teaspoonful of Salt.

1 lb. Beefsteak.

Water enough to make into a paste the consistency of ordinary dough.

Pepper, Salt.

Line a buttered basin with the suet crust, half an inch thick; cut the steaks a quarter of an inch thick, beat them with a kitchen mallet; season with pepper, salt, and a sprinkling of flour; lay them in the basin, interspersed with some fat of the beef, add a glass or less of cold water; cover the top with the remainder of the paste, press well down with the thumb; boil in a floured pudding-cloth for three hours. Turn out carefully on a dish.

Mutton or lamb pudding is done in the same way, only add a tiny piece of finely shred onion and parsley.