Take six pounds of small preserving tomatoes; prick them with a steel pin, and lay them in saltpetre water

(a tablespoonful of saltpetre in three quarts of water) for ten minutes. Wash clean; put into a stewing-pan, with equal weight of sugar; add half an ounce of dry ginger, just bruised in a mortar and tied in a muslin bag. Let it simmer slowly till the sugar has melted, keeping the preserving-pan closed; then boil rather more quickly for an hour, till the tomatoes are clear. Take out ginger before corking the jar.

Tomato Preserve

Take middle-sized fruit; prick and cut an incision at the bottom. Lay in lime water for a night (a tablespoonful of lime in two bottles of water); the next day in a little salt water. Preserve in an equal quantity of sugar. Oil the saucepan, then put in layers of fruit and sugar alternately, and boil slowly. Half an ounce of ginger in a muslin bag to be added during the boiling, and taken out when done.

Green Tomatoes Preserve

Take six pounds of green, unripe tomatoes, eight pounds of sugar, boiled to a syrup, and four lemons, the rind very thinly cut and the juice squeezed.

First boil the tomatoes gently till quite tender, but don't let them break. In the water in which the fruit is boiled put about two or three dozen green peach leaves; drain, after taking out. Make a syrup, and put the tomatoes in it cold. Put in two or three pieces of ginger in a bag and the lemon-peel; let it boil slowly till quite clear, then take out the ginger. Just before taking the preserve off the fire add about two tablespoonfuls of brandy.