Peel and cut the quinces (large ones) in four pieces; carefully core and cut out all the hard inside. Lay in a saucepan, cover with cold water with a handful of salt. Boil quickly till soft (for about ten minutes), then drain carefully. The weight of the quinces after they are peeled in sugar. Take the peels and cores and pips, cover with cold water, and boil well, and strain; of this juice take as many basins as sugar. Lay the quinces in a preserving-pan covered with sugar, and the juice of the skins and cores; preserve gently till the pieces are quite clear, and the juice forms a jelly when cold. This preserve served with whipped cream is most delicious.

Quince Preserve

Peel and cut quinces in thin slices, let them dry a little; the next day preserve in thick syrup, two pounds of ■ugar more than the weight of fruit.