Peaches In Brandy Preserve


150 Peaches.

8 lb. Sugar.

2 bottles of White Spirits of Wine.

The yellow or apricot peaches are generally used. Make a thin syrup of half the sugar (four pounds). Peel and prick the peaches; boil fifty at a time in the syrup till nearly soft; of the remaining sugar make a very thick syrup. Take three cups of this and two cups of spirits of wine. Put the preserved peaches in glass jars; pour the mixture over and cork at once.

Should a smaller quantity of peaches be made, the same syrup in which the peaches were boiled might be mixed with the spirits of wine, only boiled till very thick.

Whole Peaches Preserve

Take ripe "Clingstone" peaches, peel very thinly, prick well. Lay them in a large basin of water into which two spoonfuls of lime have been thrown (if you have no lime at hand, a handful of kitchen salt will do as well; the effect is to harden the outside of the fruit.) Leave the peaches for an hour or two in this. Weigh the fruit before you put ft in the lime-water; for twelve pounds of fruit take ten pounds of sugar. Wash the peaches in clean water; oil your preserving pan with olive oil. Put alternate layers of fruit and sugar, and pour about two or three cups of cold water over; preserve with the lid on the pot for about an hour on rather a quick fire, then let it stew very gently till the syrup is thick and the fruit looks clear; skim occasionally. Cork when cool. Will keep well.

Ordinary white crystallised sugar or light yellow gives a nice colour.