Fruit Cream. In A Mould


packet Gelatine, well soaked in cold water. pint of Boiling Milk.

1 pint of Cream.

4 tablespoonfuls Apricot Jam, or any fruit jelly you like.

Pour the milk boiling on the gelatine, whisk up the cream and fruit jelly, add the milk and gelatine; pour into a buttered mould. Turn out when cold in a glass dish. Enough for eight people.

Honeycomb Cream


I quart of Milk. I oz. White Sugar.

3 Eggs.

oz. Gelatine.

I teaspoon Vanilla.

Dissolve the gelatine (which should be previously soaked) over the fire, with the milk and sugar; then stir in the yolks of the eggs (previously well beaten), and boil the whole mixture only once. Take off the fire, stir in the whites (which have been whisked to a stiff froth) and the essence of vanilla. Put into a mould, and turn out next day.

Isinglass Cream


I oz. Isinglass. I pint Cream.

2 tablespoons Brandy. 2 tablespoons of Sugar.

Some Apricot Jam.

Soak one ounce of isinglass in a little cold water; add a cup of boiling milk, and stir till cold. Then mix four spoonfuls of jam with the cream, stirring the whole until nice and smooth; then add the sugar and brandy. Good.

Italian Cream. From A Recipe Given By An English Lady Who Had Lived In Italy


I cup of Cream. Apricot Jam.

Whites of 2 Eggs. White (Castor) Sugar.

Whisk the cream and two spoonfuls of apricot jam well; strain through a milk sieve. Whisk the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, mix with the cream; and lastly, stir in one or two spoonfuls of sugar, according to taste. Will fill half-a-dozen or more glasses. Is most delicious, and not too rich.

Lemon Cream


I quart Cream, 2 large Lemons.

12 oz. Loaf Sugar. 1 oz. Isinglass.

A pinch of Salt.

Infuse into a pint of the cream the thin rind of the two lemons.

Dissolve the isinglass, or soak it in a little cold milk; add the sugar.; then put the saucepan on the fire; do not let it boil, but keep near simmering till the sugar and isinglass are quite dissolved, then stir in the other pint of cream. Strain the mixture in a basin through a milk sieve. When nearly cold, stir in the juice of two lemons. Pour into an oiled or buttered mould, and leave in a cool place to set before turning out.

"Lemon Solid" Cream


I quart New Milk, lb. Sugar.

I oz. Gelatine, 2 or 3 Lemons.

Soak the gelatine in some of the milk for a quarter ol an hour; add to it the sugar and rind of lemon cut very thin; put the whole in a saucepan, and let it boil a few minutes, then stir in the remainder of the cold milk. When nearly cold, squeeze in the juice of the lemons. It is better made the day before, and put into a wetted or oiled mould till cold.

Orange Cream


I quart Milk.

3 Eggs.

4 oz. Sugar.

Rind of 2 Oranges. I oz. Gelatine. Juice of I Lemon.

Make a custard of the milk and eggs, stir till it thickens. Dissolve the gelatine in a little warm water (previously soaked in cold), add to it the juice of a lemon, then stir it in the custard; put into a buttered mould, and set to ice.

Stone Cream


Marmalade, Jam, or

Preserve. oz. Gelatine.

I oz. Loaf Sugar.

I pint of Cream.

I wineglass of Sherry.

Milk may be substituted for cream, but, if so, an egg and teaspoonful of butter should be added.

Cover the bottom of a pie-dish with a thin layer of marmalade (or jam). Stir into the pint of cream a quarter of an ounce of gelatine, previously dissolved, and one ounce of loaf sugar; let it boil a few minutes, stir all the time. Strain, and when cooled add a wineglass of sherry, then pour over the preserve. If milk is used instead of cream add one teaspoonful of butter, and when boiled whisk the yolk of an egg into the mixture, and white, well whisked, when taken off the fire: then pour it over the marmalade.

Strawberry Cream


2 lb. ripe Strawberries, I quart of Cream or Milk.

12 oz. of Sugar. I oz. Isinglass.

Pour the cream or milk into a stew-pan, add sugar and isinglass to dissolve, not allowing the mixture to boil; then strain into a basin and stir until nearly cold. Add the fruit, which has been previously passed through a hair sieve, oil the mould, and pour in the cream. Allow it to stand until it is quite firm.

Swiss Cream


I quart of Cream or Milk. 12 oz. of Sugar.

2 Lemons.

8 teaspoonfuls of Maixena.

lb. Macaroons.

A small stick of Cinnamon.

Set the cream, or rich milk, on the fire (keeping a little to moisten the maizena), add sugar, and cinnamon, and maizena; let it boil for five minutes. Pour into a basin; when nearly cold, add the juice of the lemons. Take half the macaroons and cover the bottom of a glass dish, pour over the cream; another layer of macaroons, and another of cream, and so on. This pudding should be made the day before.