Apple Cream


12 Apples.

|lb. Sugar.

a Eggs.

Boil twelve apples very soft, mix the pulp with half a pound of white sugar; whip the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, add to the apples. Beat all well together, heap on a glass dish.

Cream In Moulds


I oz. Isinglass. I pint Cream.

2 tablespoonfuls of Brandy. Sugar to taste.

4 tablespoonfuls of Strawberry or Apricot Jam.

Soak the ounce of isinglass in cold water, add a little boiling milk, stir till nearly cold. Then add four table-spoonfuls of jam with the cream; add to the isinglass, stirring the while till nice and smooth. Add brandy and sugar. Pour into a porcelain mould and turn out when cold and firm. Very good.

Chocolate Cream


pint of Cream. A little Milk.

2 oz. Chocolate dissolved in a little warm water or milk.

4 oz. Powdered White Sugar.

I oz. Isinglass dissolved in boiling water

The Juice ol half a Lemon.

Whisk up the cream to a stiff froth, then add the sugar, chocolate, lemon juice, and isinglass. Mix all well together and pour into a mould. Let it stand till set. Dip the mould in hot water for half a minute before turning out.

Chocolate Ice Cream


3 oz. Grated Chocolate. I pint of Milk.

4 oz. Sugar. 3 Eggs.

cup of Cream.

Dissolve the chocolate in a pint of milk on the fire with the sugar, then add the yolks of the eggs well whisked. Stir as you would a custard, and when cool add the cream well whipped. Put into a mould, and ice.

Coffee Cream


pint of very strong Coffee.

I teaspoonful of Vanilla Essence.

I oz. Nelson's Gelatine.

I pint Milk.

Tablespoonful of rich Cream.

3 oz. Lump Sugar.

Soak the gelatine in the coffee. When nearly dissolved place it in an enamelled saucepan with the milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla essence; stir over the fire till almost boiling, then pour into a wetted mould. Let it set overnight.

Devonshire Cream

Strain new milk from the cow into large flat pans, or tins; let it stand for twenty-four hours in winter, twelve in summer, to allow the cream to rise; then place the pans on a hot dresser, or gas stove not too hot; let it warm gently till just on the point of boiling, then take the pans off the stove. Set it aside to cool. When cold skim the cream. Heap it on a dish, and serve.

Dutch Cream


1 pint Milk, i gill of Cream. 4 oz. Loaf Sugar, lb. Ground Rice.

1 Egg.

1 glass Brandy.

1 oz. of chopped Lemon or Citron Preserve.

The Juice of an Orange.

Boil milk, sugar, and ground rice together until the rice is quite soft; then add the egg (stirring all the time), then the cream and other ingredients. Put into a mould to set. Serve. You may melt a tablespoonful of apricot marmalade in a little hot water, add a wineglass of brandy, and serve with this cream, but it is very good without.