Apricot Marmalade Or Cheese

Two hundred apricots, wiped and cut into pieces, their weight in sugar. Slightly wipe the preserving-pan with Lucca oil. Put in the apricots, let them boil to a pulp, stirring all the time. Then add the sugar; stir well. Let the whole boil briskly till a clear golden brown. It is ready to dish when in passing a spoon through the mixture it opens dry from the pot as it were. Put into moulds or basins; keeps beautifully. Some of the pips blanched, and cut up in the marmalade, is liked by some people. Six pounds is a nice quantity to boil at a time. Use an enamelled or copper preserving-pan; it will take about two hours altogether to preserve.

Orange Marmalade


12 large Oranges.

12 pints of Water.

8 lb. Sugar.

Cut. the oranges in thin slices, and then soak in water twenty-four hours. Then add the sugar, and boil until it becomes a jelly.

Lemons may be done in the same way.

Scotch Marmalade


6 lb. of Seville or Bitter Orange.

12 lb. of Sugar.

Scrape or grate the peel slightly; put the oranges into a stewpan; cover them with cold water. Boil gently for two hours, keeping them well under water with a plate on the top. When quite soft take them out and drain, open them, and take out the seeds. Cut the peel and pulp all together in thin strips (some people mince everything through a mincing-machine). For every pound of fruit, weighed after being boiled, take two of sugar, and one pint of the water the oranges were boiled in. Boil all together for half an hour, and pour the marmalade boiling hot into jars.

Butter Scotch


lb. Butter.

I lb. Sugar.

a tea-cup of Water.

Boil till quite thick. Pour on to a buttered dish, and cut into squares.