Take one pound of almonds, blanched and pounded, and one pound of sugar. Melt the sugar and almonds over the fire till quite a tough jelly. Then have ready the whites of four eggs beaten to a froth, whip together when cold. This way of melting the sugar and almonds is excellent, as it prevents the macaroons from running together in the tins. Dust some fine cinnamon over. The old-fashioned way was to put a small piece of citron preserve on every cake. When pounding the almonds add a spoonful of rose-water.



I lb. Almonds blanched and pounded, I lb. sifted Sugar.

The Whites of 4 Eggs. teaspoonful of Cinnamon.

Blanch and pound the almonds, adding a little rose-water while pounding. Mix with the sugar, which should be slightly warmed, then stir the whites of the eggs well whisked. Butter a paper and lay it on a baking-pan; with a fork put small lumps of the paste on the paper. Bake in a moderately slow oven for twenty minutes. A small piece of candied citron stuck into each little cake is a great improvement. Very good.