Bread And Butter Pudding. Recipe From Dutch Family Cookery Book, Over One Hundred Years Old

Take a small loaf of white bread, cut very thin, and butter each slice, and soak in milk; carefully butter a pudding-dish, lay the soaked bread and butter in layers in the dish, sprinkling over each layer some almonds blanched and sliced, some slices of citron preserve, some sugar, and currants, till the dish is nearly full; then whisk up four eggs with a spoonful of rose-water and a quart of boiled milk, and pour into the dish. In the process of baking it may become dry; pour some more milk and egg over it, if all was not required to fill the pudding-dish.

The oven must not be too hot.

Boiled Butter-Milk Pudding


I lb. of Flour.

1 pints of Butter-milk.

lb. of Beef Suet.

1 tablespoonful of Butter,

2 Eggs.

I teaspoonful of Soda.

Flavour with Essence of Almonds.

Cut the suet very fine, melt the butter, mix with the suet and flour, beat the eggs, mix all together; don't forget a pinch of salt. Boil for two hours in a cloth or mould. Serve with sweet sauce.

Baked Butter-Milk Pudding

Melt two ounces of butter in a pie-dish; mix a batter of half a pound of flour and one pint of butter-milk, two eggs, half a teaspoonful of soda; flavour with ginger or almonds; pour into the dish. Bake half an hour. Serve at once with crystallised sugar.

Canary Pudding

Take three eggs, also the weight of three eggs in sugar and butter, and of two eggs in flour, the rind of a lemon grated. Stir the butter to a cream; add sugar and eggs (well whisked) gradually; dredge in the flour. When mixed thoroughly, pour into a buttered mould. Boil two hours. Serve with any sweet sauce. Enough for six people.

Carrot Pudding. Cape Recipe


lb. Flour.

lb. Grated Carrots.

lb. Sugar.

lb. Beef Suet 3 Eggs. Salt.

Grated Peel of Lemon and the Juice, or Essence of Lemon.

Mince or grate the carrots; chop the suet; whisk the eggs. Mix all together; pack in a mould or basin; boil two or three hours. Serve with wine sauce. Enough for eight persons.

Castle Pudding


The weight of 4 Eggs in Sugar, Flour, and Butter.

4 Eggs

Beat the butter to a cream; then add sugar, eggs (well whisked), and flour, a dash of grated nutmeg, and brandy for flavouring. Bake in little tin cups for twenty minutes. This quantity fills six cups. Serve with a wine sauce.

Cheese Pudding


lb. of Grated Cheese. 1 Egg, well beaten.

1 tea-cup of Milk or Cream. A little Mustard.

1 teaspoonful of Butter, Cayenne Pepper, Salt.

Mix all well together. Bake in a buttered dish for twenty minutes. Enough for four or five persons.

Chocolate Pudding. German Recipe


lb. Grated Chocolate. lb. Pounded Loaf Sugar.

lb. Butter, I pint of Milk.

lb. of Fine Flour.

Mix all these ingredients and stir into the boiling milk; stir till the substance gets loose from the pot; put it into a dish to cool. Then take six eggs; whisk the yolks and whites separately. First add to the mixture the yolks, then, when well stirred, add the whites, well whisked. Put into a buttered porcelain mould; boil one hour;, turn out and serve. May be eaten hot or cold.