Citron Pudding


I or. packet Gelatine. 1 cup Light Wine.

lb. White Sugar.

6 Egg's, whisked separately.

Juice of 3 Lemons or Oranges.

Dissolve the gelatine (after soaking) in a cup of boiling water. Squeeze the juice of the lemons or oranges, carefully removing the seeds; add the peel of one orange, cut very thin, to the hot water and gelatine, also the juice, one cup of wine, and the sugar. Stir all till it comes to a boil. Take out the peel; draw aside; pour in the six yolks well whisked. Whip all well together; put into a buttered mould to set.

Custard Pudding. A Favourite Cape Recipe

Take four eggs; whisk well in an ordinary-sized pie-dish; take either new or boiled milk; add two large spoonfuls of white crystallised sugar, a few drops of vanilla essence. Bake in a moderate oven. A sure way of preventing the custard from becoming watery is to put the pie-dish into a tin with a little water whilst baking. Serve either hot or cold. Can be flavoured with two bay leaves, cinnamon, or vanilla.

Dick's Pudding


4 oz. Bread-crumbs. 4 oz. Currants. 4 oz. Apples.

2 oz. Sugar.

3 Eggs.

A little Cinnamon..

A little Grated Nutmeg.

Mince the apples very finely; add currants (well washed), grated bread-crumbs, and sugar. Whisk the eggs, and mix all thoroughly. Put the pudding in a buttered basin; tie down with a cloth; boil for three hours. Sufficient for four or five persons.

Fruit Puddings

A dish, lined with puff paste, and filled with any fruit that is in season, peeled, sliced, and sprinkled with sugar, and baked gently for two or more hours, makes a nice dish served with thin custard, or cream and sugar.

Jenny Lind Pudding


I Lemon.

4 Eggs.

1 breakfast-cup of White Wine.

4 Sponge Biscuits.

pint of Cream.

cup of any kind of Preserve, and some Whipped Cream. 2 oz. Sugar.

Put the juice and grated peel of the lemon into an enamelled saucepan, place over the fire or stove; stir in the well-beaten yolks of four eggs, keep over the fire till nearly boiling. Have ready the whites of four eggs well whisked, stir into the yolks, adding half the breakfast-cup of wine. Put the sponge biscuits into a dish, pour over them the other half-cup of wine; when soaked lay over them some preserve, and pour the custard made from the yolks of the eggs and lemon over them, then pile some whipped cream on the top. Ornament it with harlequin comfits. Very good.

An Excellent Baked Lemon Pudding


2 large Lemons. 3 oz. Butter.

6 oz. Sugar. 5 Eggs.

Take the peel of two large lemons, boil it tender in half a pint of water and pound in a mortar; add the juice and pulp of the lemons, carefully taking out the seeds, three ounces of butter stirred in melted, and sugar well beaten up first with the eggs. Line a dish with puff paste, pour in the mixture, and bake for an hour.