Macaroni Pudding


I lb. of Macaroni; I quart Milk. 4 Eggs.

A wineglass of Brandy. Peel of I Lemon. 2 oz. Sugar.

Simmer the macaroni in a pint of milk for three-quarters of an hour till quite soft with the lemon-peel; take out the peel, and put the macaroni in a pie-dish lined with puff paste; bend round the edges. Beat the eggs well; add sugar and glass of brandy. Stir this into the other pint of milk, and pour over the macaroni, and bake for half an hour.

Madonna Pudding


10 oz. Bread-crumbs.

8 oz. Sugar (White or Brown).

8 oz. Beef Suet.

1 large or a small Lemons,

1 Egg.

A tablespoonful of Brandy.

Chop the suet very fine, mix it with the bread-crumbs, sugar, grated lemon-peel; then add the juice, brandy, and egg well beaten. Mix well together with a wooden spoon, and pack firmly into a well-buttered mould. Boil one and a half hours. Serve with sweet or wine sauce.

Manchester Pudding

Boil a pint of milk, pour it boiling over six ounces 0/ bread-crumbs; when nearly cold add two ounces of white sugar. Beat up two ounces of butter and two eggs; butter a pudding-dish, and at the bottom lay a covering of jam; pour mixture over it, and bake in a quick oven for twenty minutes. Enough for six. As nice hot as cold.

Molly's Pudding


Stale Penny Loaf. Marmalade.

I oz. Maizenc I Egg.

1 pint of Milk.

Put a layer of stale crumbs into a buttered dish or basin, then a layer of jam, then another of crumbs, and so on till the dish is full. Then mix a tablespoonful of maizena and one egg; add to it a pint of boiling milk, pour this over the crumbs. Either bake or boil. Time, half an hour. Cheap and good.

Orange Pudding

Peel six oranges and cut them in small pieces. Make a custard with a pint of milk, two ounces of sugar, two table-spoonfuls of corn-flour, the yolks of two eggs. When nearly cold, pour custard over the oranges, and mix well together. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth with three spoonfuls of sifted loaf sugar. Heap this on the pudding, and bake in the oven a light brown.

Potato Pudding

(Copied from our Grandmother's Dutch book.) Take a soup-plate of potatoes, boiled and mashed; a saucerful of butter, melted; two tablespoonfuls of fine floui; six eggs, white and yolk whipped separately; about two dozen almonds; a few tablespoonfuls of rose-water. Mix the yolks with the mashed potatoes, then the flour, then the whites of the eggs, the grated almonds, and rose-water. Butter the mould, and garnish with slices of citron preserve, and boil two hours. Can be served with sifted sugar and melted butter, or any sweet sauce.

"Sweet Potato" Pudding. Cape


lb. of " Sweet Potatoes," boiled and mashed very fine, lb. Butter. lb. Loaf Sugar.

3 Eggs.

1 teaspoonful Sifted Cinnamon.

A little Nutmeg.

wineglass Brandy.

Stir the butter to a cream with the sugar; whip the eggs separately. Mix all with the mashed sweet potatoes, etc. Line a tart-dish with puff paste; bake for half an hour in a quick oven. When done, sift sugar on the top.