Apple Tart. Recipe From An Old German Cookery Book


Puff Paste. Apples. Almonds. 1 pint Milk.

lb. Butter.

4 Eggs.

1 cup Sugar.

Pounded Cinnamon.

Line a tin dish with puff paste, peel and quarter one dozen apples, lay them in the dish, also some blanched and pounded almonds, half a bottle of milk, butter beaten to a cream, four eggs, and one cup of sugar, and some cinnamon to taste, all mixed together, poured into the dish covering the apples. Bake in an oven for an hour and, more. I have found that anything requiring some time to bake must be covered with a tin plate at first, which can be removed when half-done.

Walnut Tart. An Old German Cake


A stale Sponge Cake. 100 Walnuts.

1 pint of Milk. 2 Eggs.

I spoonful of Sugar.

Take a hundred walnuts (or a grated cocoa-nut); shell and pound the walnuts - it should be a teacupful. Make a custard of the milk and eggs, and a spoonful of sugar. Add the pounded walnuts, stirring until it thickens, then pour into a basin to cool. Cut your cake in slices (a plain round mould is best), putting them together carefully; then put the bottom piece on a dish, cover it with some of the walnut custard, put the next slice so as to fit, and put on some custard, and so on till the cake is built up again. Of the whites of the eggs make an icing. Ice the whole cake; ornament the top with pieces of walnut and some little bits of icing coloured with cochineal. If cocoa-nut is used instead of walnuts, boil it with sugar into a syrup, as you do cocoa-nut ice. An excellent way of using up a stale sponge cake.