Marmalade Cream Tartlets

Line some patty-pans with puff paste: now fill them with this mixture: one tablespoonful of apricot marmalade, the yolks of two eggs, one white, the weight of one egg in butter and in sugar. Whip all to a cream; put into the little tins. Bake in a hot oven twenty minutes. To be eaten cold.

Excellent Tea Biscuits Tea Cakes


1 lb. of Crystallised Sugar. 1 lb. of Flour. lb. of Butter.

3 Eggs.

1 teaspoon of pounded Rock Ammonia.

I teaspoon of Vanilla Essence.

Beat the butter to a cream with the sugar, then add whites and vanilla; mix the ammon dry with the flour then mix all well together, like dough for bread; roll between the hands pieces of the dough, and cut with a knife to the size of a pigeon's egg. Bake in a quick oven for fifteen minutes.

Tea Cakes. "Butter Biscuits'


3 lb. of Flour. 1 lb. of Sugar. lb. of Butter. 5 Eggs.

2 tablespoonfuls of pounded Rock Ammonia, or Sal Volatile.

2 tablespoonfuls of Caraway Seeds, slightly bruised.

I tumblerful of Cold Water.

Whisk up the eggs and mix with butter and sugar; then mix all up together. Knead well, roll out with rolling-pin, prick with a fork, and make into shapes with a wineglass, or any other mould. Bake for half an hour on buttered tins.

Tea Cakes ("Cookies")

Mix together one pound of white sugar, one pound of flour, and half a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda; rub into a quarter of a pound of butter. Make into a soft paste with three eggs, well beaten, and a dessertspoonful of cream or milk; essence of almonds to taste. Roll out half an inch thick, and cut with a wineglass. Bake ten minutes in a moderate oven.

German Tea Cakes


1 lb. of Butter. 1 lb. of Sugar. 9 Eggs. 1 lb. of Flour.

50 Almonds.

lb. of Currants,

I teaspoonful of Cinnamon.

teaspoonful of Rock Ammonia.

Stir the butter to a cream; mix well with fine white sugar, the yolks of nine eggs and whites of two; beat with sugar and butter; then one pound of flour, half a teaspoonful of finely powdered rock ammonia. Butter some paper, and put into pans in a quick oven, drop the

R mixture with a spoon on the paper, and sprinkle' over the top cut-up almonds, mixed with the currants, cinnamon, and crystallised sugar. Bake twenty minutes. Most delicious little cakes.

Hilda's Tea Cakes


1 lb. Flour. I lb. Sugar. 4 Eggs. lb. Butter.

I doz. Cloves, pounded.

A teaspoonful of Sifted Cinnamon.

A teaspoonful of Soda.

A teaspoonful of Cream of Tartar.

25 Almonds.

Beat up the yolks and whites well. Mix with the butter and sugar and the almonds pounded; add the soda, cream of tartar, and spices to the flour dry; mix all well with the hand, and put on buttered pans, about the size of a walnut, with the point of a knife. Bake for twenty minutes.

Rice Tea Cakes


1 tea-cup of Ground Rice. 2 Eggs.

Essence of Vanilla or Almonds. 1 tea-cup of Sifted Sugar.

Whisk up the sugar and eggs in a round basin well; then add rice; whisk for twenty minutes; add an eggspoon of essence; put a teaspoonful in patty tins; bake in a quick oven from five to ten minutes.

Tea Cakes (Rock Cakes)


lb. Butter. 1 lb. Flour. lb. Moist Sugar. 2 Eggs.

lb. of Currants.

a tumbler of Brandy (or White

Wine). Some Lemon-Peel.

50 Pounded Almonds.

Whisk butter with the sugar, then yolks and whites of eggs. Mix all the other ingredients with the flour; knead into the eggs and butter; lastly, mix the brandy or wine; drop on buttered paper in tins, and bake for half an hour.

Sponge Tea Cakes


6 Eggs.

lb. of Flour.

The Grated Rind of 9 Lemons or Naartje-Peel (Tangerine Orange).

lb. Sugar.

Whisk the yolks well with the sugar till it rises in bubbles, then the whites stiffly; then add flour and peel. Bake in little tins, well buttered, in a moderate oven for half an hour.

Tea Cakes ("Zoete Koekies "). Very Old Dutch Recipe


4 lb. of Flour.

3 lb. of good clear Brown Sugar.

1 lb. of Butter.

lb. of Sheep-tail Fat.

I lb. of Pounded Almonds (or

200 Almonds pounded without blanching).

4 Eggs.

1 tablespoonful of Potash or Carbonate of Soda.

I tablespoonful of Cloves (finely pounded).

2 tablespoonfuls of Cinnamon. A tumbler of Dark Wine (Claret).

First rub flour, sugar, butter, spices, and soda well together; lastly, add the wine; knead all well together. If potash is used, it must be dissolved in the wine - is best mixed over-night. Roll the dough out with a rolling-pin; make into shapes with a wineglass or any thin shape. Bake on buttered tins. The old Dutch people put a small piece of citron preserve in the centre of each little cake. Bake for twenty minutes in a tolerably brisk oven. Very good.