2 lbs. Loin of Mutton.

An eggspoon of Pepper.

A dust of Nutmeg.

A tablespoonful of Flour.

A tablespoonful of Tomato Sauce.

I pint of Skim Milk, or Butter-milK.

1 oz. or more of melted Suet or clarified Dripping. Half a teaspoonful of Carbonate of

Soda, stirred into the dry flour.

a batter made of 1 cups of Flour.

Cut the mutton in cutlet shapes, roll in flour, salt, and spices; lay them in a dish, and pour over them the spoonful of tomato sauce and a quarter of a cup of water. Mix up the batter, and pour on the top. Put the pie-dish in the oven. Takes one and a half hours to bake.