Cut up two pounds of ribs of mutton and an onion; let it stew in a flat pot for an hour. Cut up and add eight or ten tomatoes in slices, also a teaspoonful of salt, a pinch of sugar, and half a red chilli. If there is a great deal of liquid, remove the lid, and let it simmer till it is all a rich, creamy-looking sauce. Remove the fat. Serve with plain boiled rice. A very nice entree. See Bredee.

Tomato Stuffed

Extract some of the inside of the tomato; mix breadcrumbs, cheese chopped, onion, and pepper, with an egg. Stuff the tomato with this mixture; sprinkle over with bread-crumbs and a piece of butter. Bake for an hour. Tomatoes plainly cut in halves and sprinkled with crumbs and butter, and fried or baked in the oven, make a very nice vegetable.