I tumbler of Madeira or Sherry. 2 wineglasses of French Brandy. 4 Sponge Biscuits.

lb. of Macaroons.

I pint of rich Boiled Custard.

I pint of Syllabub.

Soak four sponge biscuits and half a pound of macaroons in the Madeira and French brandy. Then cover the bottom of a glass dish with half of these, pour over them a pint of rich custard previously made, then lay the remainder of the soaked biscuits upon them, and pile over the whole, to the depth of two or three inches, the whipped syllabub, well drained; the whipped syllabub to be made the day before, or some hours before, as follows: Take half a pint of cream, half a glass of light wine, and a dessertspoonful of sifted sugar; take a clean dry whisk, and whip the cream to a stiff froth with the wine, adding the sugar last of all. When the wine has drained to the bottom, carefully skim the light, frothy cream and pack it on the top of the last layer of macaroons. Excellent.