Boiled Rice. Cape Way


1 pint of Rice.

2 quarts of Water.

Wash the rice three times, then put it into two quarts of boiling water with a teaspoonful of salt. Let it boil briskly till the rice is soft, then drain off all the water by putting the rice in a colander; pour a pint of cold water over the rice when in the colander; put it back in the saucepan, and set it on the stove till it is quite dry and each grain of rice separates from the other. Time, half an hour. Enough for curry for six people. (See CURRY.)

Yellow Rice. Malay Recipe


I pint of Rice.

2 quarts of Water.

lb. of light yellow Sugar.

1 tablespoonful of Butter.

1 teaspoonful of pounded Turmeric.

Some Sultana Raisins or Currants.

Wash the rice well; set it on the fire with two quarts of water and all the ingredients at once. Let it boil for half an hour. A very favourite dish with Cape children.

Rice Milk. A Homely Dish

Put a quart of milk into a pie-dish; take half a pint of rice, wash and crush slightly, and put into the milk; set the dish in the oven, with a tin plate over it to prevent scorching. Serve with sugar. Tapioca done in the same way is very good.