Ragout Of Cold Duck Or Turkey. Malay Or Cape Dish

Cut up the remains of cold duck, etc.; make a little stock of the bones; flavour with cayenne pepper, mustard, tomato sauce. Cut a large onion into small pieces; fry (or " smoor," as they say in Dutch) in boiling fat of butter. Mix with the stock, which can be thickened with a little brown flour. When this mixture is boiling, add your pieces of cold duck, turkey, or chicken. After being slightly browned, pour the savoury mixture over them, and let the whole simmer for a quarter of an hour till thoroughly warm.

Tongue Ragout. German

Boil a fresh tongue for two or three hours, with two dozen whole peppercorns, a small piece of ginger (pounded), two bay leaves, a spoonful of salt. When nice and soft, take out, peel and cut in thin slices. Then take a quarter of a pound of butter, two spoonfuls of flour; stir with the butter over the fire till nice and brown; stir into a cup of the soup that the tongue has been boiled in, one glass of madeira, some cayenne pepper, some potted mushrooms. Simmer the tongue in this mixture for a few minutes. Serve with croquettes made of minced meat, nicely seasoned, rolled in bread-crumbs, and fried in a pan with boiling fat. Garnish with small potatoes, boiled in their jackets, then peeled and fried in bread-crumbs and lard. A very nice entree.

Boned Spiced Ribs Of Beef

For ten pounds of beef, take a breakfast-cup of salt, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, a full teaspoonful of saltpetre, about twenty-four cloves, twenty-four allspice, a teaspoonful of pepper, bruised and well rubbed into the beef. Bone, roll, and skewer the beef, and leave in the pickle for a week. Steam for three or four hours, and place between plates with weights on it to press it firmly together. Excellent - to be eaten cold.