How To Boil Potatoes

Put your potatoes into boiling water with a good tea-spoonful of salt; boil for twenty minutes; when soft which can be felt easily by pricking with a fork, throw the water off, put the potatoes back (if with their jackets on) into the saucepan, putting the pot on the stove for a few minutes till the skins burst. If the potatoes are peeled leave them in the colander on the steam; toss them, and send them in looking nice and mealy. The Dutch people serve boiled potatoes with a little melted butter.

Savoury Potatoes

Bake your potatoes, then cut in half and scoop out the inside, which mix with a little chopped parsley, onion, nutmeg, cheese, pepper, and salt; put back into the skins, egg and bread-crumb the tops, brown them and serve hot.

"Sweet Potatoes" Stewed As A Vegetable

Peel and slice about four or five pounds of "sweet potatoes"; take a cup of sugar, a spoonful of flour, a spoonful of butter, and a little salt. Lay the sliced sweet potatoe in an enamelled saucepan in layers, sprinkled with sugar, butter, and flour, and when you have put in the last layer pour over it a cup of water. Let it all stew gently, giving the pot a stir occasionally.

To those who like sweet things with meat this is very much liked.

Boiling them in water with their jackets on,- peeled before serving, and cut in slices, with melted butter, is another good way of cooking " sweet potatoes."