Hen turkeys are preferable for boiling, on account of their whiteness and tenderness. They should not be dressed until they have been hung two or three days, as they will not be tender. Pluck the bird carefully, and singe with a piece of paper; wash well, and wipe with a dry cloth; cut off head and neck; draw the strings, or sinews, of the thighs; cut off the legs at the first joint, draw the legs into the body, and fill the breast with forcemeat, or stuffing; run skewers through wing and middle joint of leg quite into wing and leg on opposite side; break the breastbone, and make the bird look as round as possible.

Way Of Cooking

Put the turkey into sufficient hot water to cover it, let it come to a boil, then carefully remove all scum; if this is attended to there is no occasion to boil the bird in a floured cloth, but it should be well covered with water. Let it simmer very gently for one and a quarter to one and three-quarter hours, according to the size, and serve with either white, celery, oyster, or mushroom sauce, a little of which should be poured over the turkey. Boiled ham, bacon, tongue, or sausages should accompany this dish; and when oyster sauce is served, the turkey is always stuffed with oyster forcemeat.

A Simple Stuffing For Turkey

Soak a penny loaf of stale bread in either milk or water, press well; take a good lump of butter or suet, a little sugar, pepper, nutmeg, salt, some sweet herbs, an egg. Mix all well together, and stuff turkey or fowl.