12 lb. of Minced Meat. 8 lb. of Fat (fresh Bacon).

2 oz. of Pepper.

3 tablespoonfuls of Salt.

tablespoonful of grated Nutmeg.

tablespoonful of Allspice.

tablespoonful of Mace.

tablespoonful of mixed Thyme and

Sage, dried and powdered. 1 pint of Claret.

Take the lean of one or two legs of mutton, and any scraps of meat that fall away in cutting up a pig. Mince all this, taking care not to let any sinew come with it, then mince the fat; mix all well together. Have ready some nicely-cleaned skins, and stuff the mince into them with a sausage-machine. Will keep for eight or ten days. When wanted, grill on the gridiron or in a pan; time for grilling, a quarter of an hour. This quantity makes a great deal; half would do for a small party.