How To Remove Claret Stains

A little sherry poured over any red wine immediately after it is spilt will neutralise the colour of the stain, and it will quickly disappear when washed.

How To Clean Black Cashmere

Dissolve one ounce of ammonia in half a gallon of water. Lay the cashmere in it for half an hour; dip up and down, rub any dirty places , hang to drain, and when still damp, iron on the wrong side.

Milk and soot rubbed on black straw hats and bonnets revives them wonderfully.

How To Take Stains Or Grease Spots Out Of Silk

Scrape some French chalk and lay it on the spot, put some blotting-paper over, and leave it for a day or two; all the grease will be extracted.

How To Take Out Wax Candle Or Spots Of Sperm Out Of Silk Or Cloth

Lay a piece of blotting-paper on the spot, put a live coal of fire in a kitchen spoon, hold it on the spot all the grease will be absorbed in the blotting-paper.