oz. Butter.

1 tablespoonful Flour.

pint Milk.

A little Salt and Pepper - Cayenne.

Breakfast-cup of Grated Cheese. Yolk of 3 Eggs, Whites beaten separately into a froth.

Melt the butter, mix with the flour, add milk slowly, salt, and pepper (cayenne); then add grated cheese and yolks of eggs, lastly the whites of the eggs. Put into a flat buttered dish; leave to bake a nice brown. Serve hot. Time, twenty minutes.

Cheese Souffle


lb. Cheese, I quart Milk. 3 Eggs.

Mustard. Cayenne. Salt.

Cut the cheese very thinly, mix with the eggs well whisked, then add about one eggspoonful mustard, a little cayenne and salt, a very little cold milk. Set the quart of milk to boil, add a teaspoonful of butter; pour on the cheese, etc. Bake a light brown. Can be eaten hot or cold.