Egg Souffle


6 Eggs.

6 tablespoonfuls Sifted Sugar.

Juice and Peel of I Lemon. A little Nutmeg.

Beat the whites and yolks separately, add the yolks to the sugar, lemon juice, and peel, and a little nutmeg, and lastly, just before putting in the oven, the whites, which must be a perfect froth. Mix all thoroughly but lightly,

Q and only just before you want it, as it can't stand a minute, or the yolks will sink. When baked it ought to be a frothy brown sponge. Takes ten minutes. Serve immediately.

Tapioca Souffle


I tablespoonful Tapioca. 2 oz. of White Sugar.

1 pint of Milk. 4 Eggs.

Soak the tapioca in water till quite soft, then set it to boil till it is the consistency of porridge, sweeten to taste; flavour with vanilla or lemon-peel. When cold whisk up the eggs separately, beat up with the pudding, pour into a muffle mould. Bake twenty minutes, and serve immediately.