Broiled Kidneys. For Breakfast

Take four sheep's kidneys; with a sharp knife cut each kidney open lengthways down to the root, but do not separate them; skin them, and put a small skewer under the white part of each to keep them flat. Make the gridiron warm and rub it over with butter; place the kidneys with the inside downwards, and broil them over a clear fire. When sufficiently done on one side, turn on the other. Remove the skewers, season with pepper and salt, put a little piece of butter in the centre of each, and serve on a piece of well-buttered toast. They must be sent to table as hot as possible.

Stewed Kidneys

Parboil some sheep's kidneys, divide them, toss in a pan with some pepper, salt, cayenne, and flour, and a piece of butter. Then take a few spoonfuls of stock, a little sherry, minced parsley, and half a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce. Simmer gently (but do not boil) for fifteen minutes.