lb. of Boiled Fish. 2 Eggs.

lb. Rice. 2 oz. of Butter.

A little Cayenne Pepper, Salt, and Nutmeg.

Wash and boil the rice; break the fish in pieces, taking out all the bones; put the butter, fish, and rice into a stew-pan with cayenne, salt, and a little nutmeg. Stir well, then add the eggs (well beaten). Stir over the fire until quite hot. Serve in a hot dish. A nice breakfast dish.

Kegeree For Breakfast Indian


I tablespoonful of Rice. 4 Hard-boiled Eggs.

Any White Fish previously boiled A lump of Fresh Butter.

Pepper, salt.

Boil the rice very soft, and dry; boil the eggs hard, and chop them fine; take the remains of any fish that has been previously boiled, mince fine, and mix all well together. Put the mixture in a stewing-pan with a lump of fresh butter, stew till thoroughly hot, stirring constantly to prevent burning, season with pepper, salt, and cayenne. Take care not to make it too moist. (Boiled snook or cabeljon, if at the Cape, or any white fish will do.) Time, six minutes after the rice is boiled.