A fine head of Cauliflower. 4 tablespoons of Cream or Milk. A few slices of Onion, chopped fine. 2 oz. of mild Cheese, grated.

The yolk of I Egg.

2 oz. of Fine Bread-crumbs.

1 saltspoonful of Salt.

Half a saltspoonful of Pepper and Cayenne.

Boil the milk with the chopped onion, then add the grated cheese (keeping a little for sprinkling afterwards), let it boil up; draw it aside and add gradually the yolk of the egg, pepper, salt, cayenne, and bread-crumbs. Mix all thoroughly, keep nice and warm, and pour over the cauliflower, which should be ready (having been previously boiled nice and tender in a saucepan of water with the head downwards, leaving the pot open); break the cauliflower into neat little pieces (remove all green and stalk), pour the mixture over the cauliflower on a baking-dish, and then on the top a little more bread-crumbs and grated cheese. Bake for a few minutes in the oven, and serve with cutlets.

Vegetable Marrows done in this way are very good.

A Good Gravy. For Mutton, Beef, Game, Or Poultry

When the roast is well done, remove all the fat from the brown gravy; add half a cup of cream and a teaspoon of maizena to it. Stir well, and let it thicken, and serve with your joint.