4 lb. Fruit.

I lb. Sugar.

Carefully pick the grapes from the bunches, prick with a steel pin. Boil a syrup of the sugar, put the grapes into the boiling syrup. Some sliced apple or quince may be added to the grapes, for every pound of quince one of sugar, some cut-up orange-peel. Boil rather quickly at first. Take some of the preserve and lay it on a saucer to cool to see if it is ready; if so it will jelly.

Another very nice way of making grape jam is to take the "Hanepot" grape before it is quite sweet and ripe, then take equal parts of sugar and fruit, pick from the bunches, and put into a preserving-pan with a few cups of water, and allow the grapes to stew for half an hour. Skim off all the seeds, add the sugar (and if you like, a few pounds of sliced stewing apples), let all boil briskly, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. If done in small quantities (not more than six pounds) it does not take more than two hours, and becomes quite like a jelly when done.

Grapes In Brandy

Take nice ripe Hanepot grapes, cut them with a piece of the stalk, prick with a steel pin; fill a jar. Then take VERY thick syrup, previously boiled, two cups of syrup to one of good spirits of wine. Fill the jars, cover well; tie down with bladder.