5 lb. Sugar.

1 lb. Ginger, bruised.

½ a bucket of boiled Water.

Put into a small cask, let it draw for a day, then fill with cold water, a bottle of yeast, two packets of cream of tartar. Two days after, it may be bottled. If yeast is not to be had, add two bottles of beer instead.

Ginger Beer


8 Lemons. 3 lb. Sugar.

3 tablespoonfuls Cream of Tartar. I bottle of Brandy.

I cup Pounded Ginger.

Mix all well together, pour into a small cask, fill with water. Leave for two days, shaking well; bottle the third.

Ginger Pop


2 lb. of Lump Sugar.

2 Lemons (Juice and Peel).

2 oz. best Ginger, cat or bruised. 2 gallons of boiling Water.

I oz. Cream of Tartar.

When cool add a tablespoonful of yeast on toast. Let it stand for twelve hours. Strain through a coarse cloth and bottle, tying the corks down. The white of one egg well beaten, and added just before corking, is a great improvement for using soon. Three days will do.