Take about six pounds of meal, pour into it three cups of home-made yeast (see YEAST), and as much tepid water as will make it the consistency of dough. Knead it well for a quarter of an hour, till your hand comes clean out of the dough. Set it to rise in the pan in which you have mixed it, and cover it up well. Put in the warmest corner of the kitchen. It will be ready for making into loaves in two hours, and will then have a rather disagreeable odour and feel quite spongy. Six pounds of meal will just fill an ordinary baking-pan for a moderate-sized stove oven. Keep the stove well heated, and when it has been in the oven for an hour turn the baking-tin round. Bread made in this way is generally very sweet and wholesome. (See Loaf.)

How To Freshen A Stale Loaf

Dip quickly into cold water, and put into a moderately warm oven for twenty minutes. This quite freshens any loaf.

Yeast (For Making Home-Made Bread)

Take two quarts of boiling water, an ounce of salt, three cups of meal. Put the salt into a saucepan, pour on it the boiling water, strew on it gradually three cups of meal, then cover closely, putting a cloth between the lid and pot to absorb the steam. Set it over-night in the warmest corner of your stove. At six o'clock next morning stir into it a cup of boiling water; stand the saucepan on some hot ashes, and soon it will begin to ferment. When ready for use it will have a frothy appearance and a disagreeable odour. Pour it into six pounds of meal, mix with warm water, and knead into bread.