How To Renovate Black Silk

Take about two ounces of black tea, boil it well in a saucepan, add to it a few grains of washing soda or carbonate of soda and a little dissolved gum arabic, Strain, and sponge the silk thoroughly with this mixture hot. Hang the pieces of silk on a horse to drain, roll up smoothly, and iron whilst damp.

Coffee is very good too, cleansing the silk, and removing every stain or grease-spot. The coffee must be hot and well strained.

Silk For Cleaning

Dissolve an ounce of ammonia in a quart of hot water, and, with a piece of sponge or black serge, rub till stains are removed.

This also does for cloth.

Silk For Cleaning Ribbon, Silks, Etc


I tablespoonful Gin.

1 tablespoonful Soft Soap.

1 tablespoonful Honey. The White of an Egg.

Mix all well together. Dip the ribbon, or any silk you want to clean, in water, then lay on a board and scrub with the mixture, using a soft brush. Rinse in cold water, fold in a cloth, and iron half-dry. It will look like new.

How To Clean An Old Silk Dress

Unpick and brush and wipe. Then grate two large potatoes into a quart of water; let it stand to settle, then strain. Sponge the dress well with it, hang out, and iron with tissue paper over the silk.

Black silk can also be cleaned by sponging with gin. Paint spots to be removed by spirits of turpentine.