Rose Leaves, as many as you can collect. Scented Verbena Leaves. Lavender. A few Bay Leaves.

2 oz. of Orris Root. Cardamoms. 2 oz. Bay Salt. 2 oz. Saltpetre. I oz. Cloves.

Some Nutmeg and Cinnamon.

The Odorata rose and other sweet-scented ones, freshly gathered (but be careful no dew is on them), the verbena, lavender seeds, and leaves, put in a wide-mouthed jar in layers sprinkled with the salt, saltpetre, and the spices well bruised. Stir the contents of the jar occasionally. This will retain its scent for years, and may be freshened up whenever roses and other scented flowers are in season - clove, carnations, etc. At the Cape there is a very sweet-scented pink rose, almost single, called the French, brought to the Cape by the Huguenot refugees, and also Capse rose, which give a most delicious scent to the pot-pourri. Be careful not to let water be spilt on the pot-pourri - it would spoil it completely.