Croquettes Of Chicken


I lb. cooked Chicken. lb. of mixed Mushrooms. Truffles and Ham (or Tongue). A little Pepper.

1 blade of Mace. 2 Eggs. Bread-crumbs. Some rich Stock.

Mince fine about one pound of cooked chicken with mushroom, tongue (or ham), and truffles; season with the spices. Have some rich stock reduced by boiling till quite thick, stir well together. Spread it on a dish an inch thick, cover with buttered paper, and set it to cool. Divide into nice little balls, dip in egg, roll in breadcrumbs, and fry a light brown.

Croquettes Of Fish

Take any cold boiled fish, pound it well, season with salt and cayenne. Put one ounce of butter in a stew-pan, add two ounces flour, one gill of milk, stir over the fire till it thickens, and boils, and is smooth; add to it one pound of the cold fish, one teaspoonful of Anchovy or Worcestershire sauce. Stir all together, and turn all into a plate to cool. When cool make into shapes, dip into egg, and roll in bread-crumbs. Fry in hot fat, and serve with fried parsley.

Croquettes Of Rice


7 oz. of Rice. I quart of Milk.

Rind of a Lemoz. 5 oz. Sugar.

A few bitter Almonds.

Boil all this well together; when cold form into balls. Scoop out and put apricot jam in the centre, roll in egg, and dust with powdered biscuit. Fry in hot lard.

Rice Cake


lb. of Butter, whipped to Cream. I lb. of Loaf Sugar. 7 Eggs - whites of 4.

lb. of ground Rice. lb. of Flour. Essence of Lemon.

Mix the sugar and butter, then the yolks, then rice and flour, lastly whites and flavouring. Bake an hour and a half with buttered paper over mould.