Tart. Dutch Potato. Aardappelen Taart. From An Old Dutch Recipe Book


1 lb. Potatoes. lb. Loaf Sugar. 8 Eggs.

10 Sweet Almonds. 25 Bitter Almonds. Some Rose-water.

Boil the potatoes well, mash very fine; beat the yolks and whites separately; mix the yolks with the sugar; then add potatoes, then the whites, and lastly almonds, blanched and pounded with rose-water. Weigh the potatoes before you peel and boil them. Bake as you would a spongecake in a moderate oven for an hour.

Potato Tart


I lb. Potatoes (weighed before peeling). 180 Sweet Almonds.

20 Bitter Almonds. lb. Sugar. 8 Eggs.

Mix like the other. Line a tart-dish with puff paste and fill with this mixture. Bake a nice brown.

Potato Tart. A Similar Recipe. Cape


lb. Potatoes (boiled and well mashed). lb. Sugar.

6 well-beaten Eggs. l00 Sweet Almonds. 25 Bitter Almonds.


Blanch and pound the almonds with rose-water, mix with the sugar; stir in the potatoes. Bake in a pie-dish lined with puff paste,