Ginger Ice Cream

Make a custard with half a pint of milk, the yolks of two eggs, and three ounces of sugar; add half a pint of whipped cream and some preserved ginger, cut into small pieces, and freeze. If cream is not procurable, make a little more custard with the yolks of four eggs. Whip the whites to a stiff froth and mix with the custard while hot. Add the preserved ginger when the custard has cooled, and freeze.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Make a custard with three eggs and half a pint of milk, sweetened with three ounces of sugar. Whip half a pint of cream and mix with custard. Flavour with essence of vanilla, and freeze.

Strawberry Water Ice

Crush some ripe strawberries and strain off a pint of juice; sweeten with sufficient clarified sugar, and freeze.

Cocoanut Ice


I Cocoanut crated.

1 lb. White Sugar.

Milk of the Cocoanut.

First put the sugar in an enamelled saucepan on the fire, with two tablespoonfuls of the milk. When the sugar is dissolved, add the cocoanut and boil ten minutes. Take care it does not burn. Oil a tin well, and pour in the mixture, colouring half with cochineal Leave in mould till cold. (See COCOANUT Ice.)