3 oz. of Butter.

4 Cloves.

4 Cardamom Seeds.

2 Hard-boiled Eggs.

A few slices of good Bacon.

3 Onions.

A tiny piece of Cinnamon.

12 Peppercorns.

lb. of White Rice.

A young FowL

A pint of good stock or Gravy. (Put all the spices into a muslin bag.)

Slice the onions very fine, fry a nice brown in the butter, then add the stock, three-quarters of a pound of good white rice, well mashed, and a few slices of bacon or corned pork. Put all into a flat saucepan and cover with one pint of water, taking care to have two inches of gravy above the rice. When the rice is all but done, have ready a boiled fowl, nicely trussed, lay it in the middle of the rice, cover the pot and let it simmer till the rice is nice and dry; serve with the rice all round the fowl, garnished with hard-boiled eggs and slices of bacon. Take care to remove the bag of spices. Shoulder of mutton or lamb may be done in the same way, only difference, the meat to be put in raw with the rice, and no stock need be added.