3 lb. Loin or Neck of Mutton. 5 lb. Potatoes.

3 Onions, Pepper, Salt.

Rather more than one pint of Water.

Cut the mutton into chops of moderate thickness, pare and slice the potatoes, and cut the onions in rings. Put a layer of potatoes at the bottom of the stewing-pan, then a layer of mutton and onions; season with pepper and salt. Proceed in this manner till all is used. Take care to have plenty of vegetables at the top. Pour in the water, and let it stew gently for two and a half hours, keeping the lid of the stewing - pan closely shut. Occasionally shake the pot to prevent burning.

Irish Stew. Our Cape Recipe

Take ribs of mutton, three or four pounds, brown slightly with a little onion, then add a good soup-plate of potatoes sliced, a piece of red chilli. Cover the meat with the potatoes, and simmer for two hours. Leave the meat whole, only joint it.