Beef Steak. Broiled

Take a nice tender steak, about one and a half or two Inches thick, and beat with a wooden kitchen mallet, to make it tender. Heat the gridiron on wood coals, and rub the bars with fat or butter. Sprinkle the steak with pepper and salt; turn frequently. Takes about ten minutes. Serve immediately it is done - with a sauce made with some ketchup, or tomato sauce, and a lump of butter - very hot.

Beef Steak. Stewed


2 lb. of Steak. I oz. Butter. I Onion.

Tomato Sauce.

Pepper, Salt.

A teaspoonful of Brown Flour.

Fry the steak quickly in butter, then put in a stewpan with half a pint of water, one onion, and all the above ingredients-a little cayenne. Cover the pan close, having warmed the water before adding the meat (and the onion to be browned also before adding). Stew all gently for an hour. Thicken the gravy with butter rolled in flour. Enough for six people.