I doz. Apples. lb. of Sugar.

1d. loaf of White Bread, crumbled very fine.

1 tablespoonful of Butter. A few Cloves or Cinnamon, A wine-glass of Wine.

Butter a pie-dish, place in it alternately a layer of bread-crumbs (dotted with butter), slightly sprinkled with spice, and then a layer of sugar, and then one of apples. Fill the dish, taking care to have a layer of crumbs at the top, pour over it a glass of wine. Bake a nice brown ; will take one and a half hours. (I generally have a tin cover over the dish for the first half-hour to steam it a little.) Turn out of the dish, and serve hot.

Charlotte Russe


Some Savoy Biscuits. pint of good Cream. oz. of Isinglass.

2 dessertspoonfuls of Vanderhum or Curacoa.

Some Vanilla.

1 oz of Loaf Sugar.

A large slice of Sponge Cake.

2 Egg.

Take as many Savoy biscuits as will line the inside of your mould, which must be buttered, lightly moistening the edges of each with the beaten white of an egg, to make them hold together, and place them upright all round the sides of the mould, slightly over each other, or sufficiently close to prevent the cream from escaping. At the bottom of the mould arrange your biscuits in a star or rosette, taking care it is well covered; then set it in the oven to dry. Whisk the cream with the Vanderhum (see Liqueur, Vanderhum), isinglass (dissolved), and loaf sugar to taste. When sufficiently firm fill the inside of the Charlotte Russe, and place over it a slice of sponge cake. Set it in a cool place or in ice, and when cold cover it with cream; ornament with chocolates, "hundreds and thousands," crystallised cherries, etc

Swiss Apple Charlotte


1o or 12 Apples. Bread and Butter.

lb. Moist Sugar. 2 Lemons.

Take the crust from a stale loaf, and cut slices of bread and butter from the crumb. Butter the inside of a pie-dish and line it with the bread and butter, then add a layer of apples, pared, cored, and cut in slices; strew over them lemon-peel cut very fine, and sugar; continue adding apples, lemon-peel, and sugar until the dish is full. Squeeze over the whole the juice of two lemons, and cover the dish with the bread crusts and peel of the apples to prevent burning. Bake an hour in a quick oven ; when done remove the crusts and peels, turn out in a dish carefully. Served with thin custard. (See CUSTARD.)