Curry Of Cold Meat

Take one large onion, cut small, fry a nice brown; a tablespoonful of butter or dripping mixed, two green apples or a large quince (if not at hand, take two or three tomatoes), cut in slices; simmer with a large tablespoonful of curry powder and the fried onion, a tablespoonful of vinegar or lemon, a dessertspoonful of sugar, half a cup of stock, and a little milk. Cut up some cold meat in nice little pieces, lay in this mixture, and simmer for an hour or more till the meat is thoroughly flavoured with the curry paste. Serve with hot boiled rice. Any cold boiled or roast meat will do.


Half an ounce of tamarinds, soaked in boiling water and strained, gives a delicious acid flavour to curry, and may always be substituted for vinegar.

Cold Meat Shape

Butter a plain mould; chop up any kind of cold meat you may have; add some stock, warmed, with about three ounces of gelatine, flavoured with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Have some hard-boiled eggs cut in quarters, garnish the mould with them, pour the mixture into the mould. Turn out when cold.

Chicken Curry. Our Cape Way


1 Fowl.

1½ tablespoons of Curry Powder.

1 teaspoon of Sugar.

½ teaspoon of Salt.

2 tablespoons of Vinegar or 3 sour Apples, I oz. Butter.

2 Onions sliced and browned in butter or fat.

The fowl must not be more than twelve months old, and must be killed the day before cooking. Cut it into small joints. Mix the onions with the curry powder, vinegar, salt, sugar, and butter, into a paste; lay on the chicken. Cover the pot and let it simmer, or stew gently, for an hour, then stir well. If dry add a little water. A tablespoon of tomato sauce or lemon in half a cup of milk, stirred in shortly before serving, is an improvement, but it will be found excellent without. Serve with boiled rice. Sufficient as an entrée for six or eight people.

Some people fry the meat and onion together till brown; but from experience I find it best to do the onions first, and then let all steam with the chicken.

Vegetable Curry

Chop four onions and four apples, put them in a pan with a quarter of a pound of butter, let them fry a light brown; add a tablespoonful of curry powder, a little stock, and some salt.

Parboil six large potatoes whole; cut them up, and put them with other ingredients. Let all stew gently for an hour. Cover the pot Vegetable marrow makes a very nice curry.

Cucumber Curry. A Cape Dish

Take four large cucumbers that are turning yellow; peel carefully (be particular that no bitter be left), take out the seeds, cut in halves, or if large in three pieces, stuff with forcemeat, made as follows: one pound of mutton (fresh or cold) minced, one slice of bread soaked in milk, one egg, a little salt and pepper, a dessertspoonful of curry powder. Mix well together, stuff the cucumber with this. Then take two large onions, fry a nice brown; make a paste of curry powder one ounce, one teaspoonful of sugar, one tablespoonful of vinegar, a cup of stock, a good tablespoonful of dripping (butter is better); simmer in a flat stewing-pot. Arrange the stuffed cucumber in this, and let it simmer on a moderate heat for two hours. Serve with boiled rice. (This is a very nice entrée or lunch dish.)