lb.of Flour, a teaspoonful of Baking Powder.

lb. of clarified Dripping or Lard. Butter, if you have it, is better.

I Egg.

Rub the flour, and half the dripping, and baking-powder together; then mix with the egg and as much water as will make it the right consistency. Roll out twice, and spread over it the remainder of the fat or butter. This makes a good pie crust.

Suet Pastry. Very Good For Hot Tarts And Pies


lb. Flour.

A little Salt.

1lb. Suet.

Mix the flour with half the suet, then add about half a pint of cold water. Roll the dough, and spread the remaining suet. Repeat this three times. (Pound the suet in a mortar with a little butter, and spread as you would butter, on puff paste.)