Cold Meat, minced.

I slice of Bread soaked in Milk.

I Egg.

Some Lemon Juice, and some of the

Rind rasped. A pinch of Pepper and Salt.

A little Nutmeg.

Take pie crust, cut into round shapes by putting a small tumbler on it; on each round put a good teaspoonful or more of the above ingredients well mixed together, and cover with another piece of crust, brush with egg, and bake in hot oven.

Lobster Patties

Chop up a lobster with red part and spawn; add grated bread-crumbs, salt, pepper, a small lump of butter, chopped sweet herbs. Make the whole into a paste with the yolk of one egg; shape into little flat pieces and fry in lard or butter.

Oyster Patties

Take potted oyster; mix in the liquid a good lump of butter, some salt, pepper, a tablespoonful of cream. Put into little tins lined with puff paste; cover with the same. Bake in a quick oven.