Five or six large shellfish. Clean by putting the shell in strong lye (boiling water put on wood ashes; half a teaspoonful of washing soda will do as well). The shell separates, and the inside easily comes out, and must then be rubbed on a stone, well washed, and beaten with a wooden mallet. Put in a stewing-pot with a little butter or fat, let it simmer for an hour; then stir in a tea-cup of fine bread-crumbs, two ounces of butter, some nutmeg and white pepper, and just before serving, a little salt. Be careful to stir occasionally. No water to be added, as it forms a rich gravy of its own, but requires lots of butter. Ought to be as tender as marrow. A delicious dish.


The Paarl Lemoen, or Klip Kous ("Stone-stocking"), a species of shellfish found on many parts of the South African coast, adhering to the rocks. The shells are lovely, with a mother-of-pearl lining. The fish is most delicious if properly cooked,