Take of the best Java coffee one pound, have it roasted to a rich dark brown in an American coffee roaster, at home. Grind whilst still warm. To one pound of coffee take a quarter of a pound of chicory. The best pot for making coffee for ordinary use is the common block tin coffee-pot, with a bag made of coarse flannel, the shape of a jelly-bag. Take one large breakfast-cup of ground coffee, pour the coffee into the bag, taking care first to have the pot warmed; on this pour three cups of boiling water. Keep the pot on the stove or coals, let it drain through the bag twice, then put into bottles and cork immediately. This will keep, if well corked and made quickly, for a fortnight, and is most excellent for picnics, when one tablespoon added to a cup of boiling milk will be found as good as any freshly-made coffee. For ordinary use, when not so much milk would be used, add four cups of water instead of three to a breakfast-cup of ground coffee mixed with chicory.