1 Chicken.

2 Onions.

I blade of Maac


A little Pepper.

2 oz. Butter.

Juice of a Lemon.

I glass of White Wine.

A little Sago and Vermicelli.

2 Hard-boiled Eggs.

A few slices of Ham.

A few Allspice.

Take a chicken, joint and cut into pieces, put into a stewing-pan with one white onion, about a pint of broth, or water, a wineglass of white wine; put about five allspice, a blade of mace, and twelve peppercorns into a little muslin bag, and add; let the chicken simmer in this for half an hour, then add two spoonfuls of vermicelli, one spoonful of sago, a good lump of butter; stir carefully, as the sago and vermicelli are apt to burn. Just before taking out of the saucepan, whip the yolk of an egg with the juice of a lemon, stir in with the chicken; it thickens the gravy, and gives a nice creamy look. Let this cool, then put into a pie-dish with slices of hard-boiled egg and ham between, and make a few little balls of butter and flour rolled together, and put in the pie-dish. Cover with pie crust nicely rolled and ornamented. Brush with yolk of egg mixed with milk. Bake in a quick oven for one and a half hours.


If the chicken is very tender, it can be put into the pie-dish uncooked, and will be equally nice, but will take much longer to bake. The old Dutch way is to have the meat parboiled.